Octa Keypad

Premium rhythm game keypad for osu!

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The Octa Keypad

Made from 5 layers of high-quality acrylic, our keypad also features a PCB plate - making sure that the PCB is completely straight and stable for not only the best tapping experience, but also to prevent it from randomly disconnecting during your game.

Featuring a hot-swappable socket, you can change your keypad's switches whenever you want.

The 1000hz polling rate PCB makes this keypad as fast as, if not faster than, most high-end gaming keyboards.

Finally, our keypad also features fully controllable RGB Lighting. Using the Octa Control software, you can customize your keypad’s Lighting .

Ring Edition

The Octa Keypad Ring Edition is a 3-key version of the regular Octa Keypad. It's made for players who use the Index + Ring tapping method. Available in both Lite and Standard versions.

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Wide range of options to make your keypad perfect

Octa Keys offers a huge choice of options to suit your preferences. You can choose between 5 different colors and 4 different angles.