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Octa Keys

Octa KPAD Hall Effect (Pre Order)

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Elevate your osu! gameplay with the Octa KPAD, a premium keypad that utilizes Hall Effect technology to deliver unparalleled performance. Experience lightning-fast response times and exceptional precision with this cutting-edge keypad, designed to help you achieve your dream plays with ease.


- Keypad

- 3 White PBT Keycaps

- 1 Switch Puller

- 2 sets of Silo switches

- 1 USB-C Cable

-2 Rubber Feet

How to use

The Octa KPAD is a plug-and-play device but we strongly advise you to download the Octa Control software available on the software page to customize your keypad's RGB Lighting, Switch actuation point, enable Instant reset mode, program your buttons, and a lot of things.


The Octa KPAD will be shipped in June information about the order advancement will be available on our discord

Return policy and Warranty

From the day you receive your Octa Keypad, you have 30 days to ask for a return. After this delay, you will not be able to return our keypad; however, if you have any issues regarding the keypad you can contact support and we will help you to the best of our abilities.

The Octa KPAD has a two years warranty (excluding leds)